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HydroPad with Producer Consumer Architecture AND Massive Data Transfer Optimization with TCP/IP Tuning

This is project is used find an efficient way to transfer the massive data via TCP/IP.

This project has two main parts.
a) Implementation of HydroPad with Producer Consumer Architecture
b) Massive data transfer optimization

HydroPad will be an iPad (iOS) and Android (Java) app that replicates many of the key/core functions of HydroDesktop (see including data search and discovery and display of graphs of data retrieved from the CUAHSI HIS (see

HydroPad without Producer Consumer Architecture

Part(1) HydroPad.png


HydroPad with Producer Consumer Architecture



The objective of this research is to sending or transferring the massive data via TCP/IP in an effective faster way. We consider the following four options in Java socket programming.
  • Traditional method of data transfer approach
  • NIO approach
  • Zerocopy approach
  • NIO with Zerocopy approach

After we find the effective way of data transfer we are going to integrate produce consumer architecture with it. Our goal is trying to send some huge shape file ( GeoJason, LIDAR, and ASCII) from the server to client and in the client side client should view the shape with out any time delay.

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